Argos Group Limited

Argos House, H Jones Road, Stanley

Contact: Drew Irvine or Sheila Stewart


Tel: 22686 | Mob: 55686 / 52686

Argos Limited

Argos House, H Jones Road, Stanley

Contact: Andrew Newman


Tel: 22686

Argos Ltd with Argos Froyanes Ltd operate four longline fishing vessels in the South Georgia and Ross Sea Toothfish Fisheries. Full operational and logistical support of this activity is carried out from Argos Ltd in Stanley.

Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd

57 Fitzroy Road, Stanley

Contact: Bradley Roberts or Bernie Goodwin


Tel: 22260 | Mob: 51380/52260


Has a substantial share holding in two Joint Venture Falkland Island Companies, each owning a deep-sea factory trawler. Holder of 25 year ITQ in both the Loligo and Finfish fisheries. Has held licence to fish for Patagonian Toothfish in South Georgia statistical area 48.3 since 2001, under charter with Spanish flagged longliner Viking Bay. Quota caught in South Georgia carries full MSC accreditation. With Company launch B-Mar, provides agency services to its fishing vessels as well as offering harbour tours and day trips to nearby wildlife havens.

Bold Ventures Fishing Co Ltd

Davis Street, Stanley

Contact: Elvio Miguel Cofre


Tel: 22626 | Mob: 52627

Consolidated Fisheries Ltd

PO Box 383, Raymar House, Stanley

Contact: Janet Robertson, General Manager

Email: / / / /

Tel: +50022277


Consolidated Fisheries Limited, incorporated in 1994, owns and operates the CFL Hunter, a longliner licensed to target Patagonian toothfish(Dissostichus eleginoides). The company owns 100% of the quota for toothfish in the Falklands fishing zone and markets the catch directly worldwide. A company priority is the sustainable management of the resource and an environmentally responsible attitude to minimise impact on the marine ecosystem.

Falkland Islands Company LTD

Fishing Agency, Crozier Place

Contact: Manager


Tel: 27630 | Fax: 27603


Agents for the majority of the fishing fleets, with two fully equipped modern high-speed launches. Specialists in movement of personnel and ships spares. Agents to tourist, cargo and seismic vessels.

Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association (FIFCA)

Unit 3, Atlantic House, Stanley

Contact: James Bates, Executive Secretary


Tel: +500 22317


The Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association is a statutory organisation representing the interests of all its ITQ Holders under the world leading fisheries

Fortuna Ltd

Waverley House, Philomel Street, Stanley

Contact: Stuart Wallace

Email: General enquiries: / Marketing:

Tel: 22616 | Mob: 55290 | Fax: 22617


Fishing vessel and quota owners, catching, processing and marketing seafood internationally ex vessel from the Falkland Islands, via coldstore in Europe and from our Falklands EU standard processing plant. The Company’s facility on the north shore of Stanley Harbour offers layup facilities for fishing vessels and a marina for small boats, and our yard to the east of Stanley provides a secure laydown facility. The Fortuna Group also operates in the aquaculture sector producing high quality smoked Atlantic Sea Trout which is processed in our Falklands plant which in addition processes and markets the wild species of the South West Atlantic.

J.K. (Marine) Ltd

PO Box 86, 4 Davis Street East, Stanley

Contact: P Kultschar


J.K.Marine Ltd is a locally owned company incorporated in 1992 and active in several Falkland Fisheries including Illex squid, Finfish and Skate / Ray.


16 Boxer Bridge Road, Stanley

Contact: Corrinne Paice or Tom Blake

Email: &

Tel: 22275

RBC is the parent company of a group involved in operating deep sea trawlers around the Falkland Islands with joint venture partners from Spain. The main species caught by the vessels are Loligo squid, Hoki, Hake, Kingclip, Rockcod, Red Cod and Illex squid.

Seafish (Falklands) Ltd

Chandlery Estate, Airport Road, PO Box 1, Stanley

Contact: Hamish Wylie, General Manager


Tel: 22341


A publicly owned company with over 260 Falkland Island shareholders. Seafish participates in a number of the islands fisheries through various joint venture and fishing arrangements. In addition the company operates a Supermarket and ships chandlery business as well as a mini market on Ascension Island, a commercial property leasing and facility management business; and a hospitality business operating a hotel

Seaview Logistics Ltd

PO Box 781, FIPASS, Stanley

Contact: Alex Reid


Tel: 22669 | Mob: 52669 | Fax: 22670


Seaview Limited is a fully locally owned company, offering agency services and shoreside logistics to the fishing fleet, including cargo and crew movements. It also operates the largest commercial coldstore in the Islands together with dockside warehousing. Seaview Ltd. has two joint venture fishing companies, Polar Ltd. and Nova Seafish Ltd. in conjunction with Spanish partners.

South American Atlantic Service LTD

5 FIPASS Road, Stanley

Contact: Eugene Hurley / Jill Ford

Email: /

Tel: 21833 | Mob: 52833/51833 | Fax: 21834

Providing a contanerised shipping link for import and export to the Falkland Islands. Operators of the only scheduled container shipping line from Stanley to all destinations.

South Atlantic Marine Service Ltd

PO Box 140, Boat House, Ross Road, Stanley

Contact: Dave & Carol Eynon


Tel: 21145 | Mob: 51145 | Fax: 22674


Fishing in joint venture with Southwind Fisheries Ltd, Southern Harvest (FI) Ltd and Southern Start Fisheries. Commercial diving services to the fishing industry.

Sulivan Shipping Services Ltd

Old Ionespheric Station, Davis Street, Stanley

Contact: John Pollard, Managing Director


Tel: 22626/22627 | Mob: 52626 | Fax: 22624


A service company providing support to the fishing industry, and port agency and shore excursion activities to the increasing number of cruise vessels visiting the Falkland Islands. Members of the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce, the Falkland Islands Tourism Association and the British Safety Council